Chapter 12 (Skylar)

Skylar knew that she had to do something and it had to be done fast. Jason wasn’t answering and it was a strong possibility that he was back with his wife. She was sure she had done enough damage to make Summer walk away, but why in the hell was Jason not answering his phone? Was it possible that they were able to talk this out and move past Jason’s indiscretions? Although Skylar still dated other men, that did not necessarily mean she was willing to completely give up the one man that made her feel as though the world revolved around her. In spite of her occasional friends, she actually was in love with Jason.

Last night when Jason didn’t come home, Skylar called over Cory, her trainer from the local gym, to take care of her during her “fragile state.”         

After realizing Jason wasn’t coming, she needed someone to hold her to control the racing thoughts in her head. Cory was cool and they had never slept together. The two of them usually clubbed and socialized. Cory showed up at Skylar’s door with a bottle of wine, chinese food, and Skylar’s favorite game of Taboo. Cory was so sweet. He had the potential to be an amazing boyfriend. The only problem was, Skylar didn’t want a relationship with Cory. All she wanted was Jason.

While Skylar fixed their plates, Cory put on a movie. He brought a comedy because he figured it was what she needed. Skylar only called when she needed cheering up, however tonight Cory had another plan to make her smile. Tonight he would make his move. 

Skylar was so naive that she walked around Cory in her boy-cut underwear and a tank top. She sat down beside him in Indian style and handed Cory his plate. The two of them ate, drank, laughed, and had a great time.  Skylar asked Cory for relationship advice. He told her, “get out while you have a free pass. Sleeping with a married man is definite admission to heart break and access to problems that have nothing to do with you,” he told her. “Now that his wife knows, that’s a whole new set of problems you have to deal with and she’s his problem, not yours.”

Summer placed her face in her hands and groaned.

“Listen,” he said to her. Steve Harvey always says, the thing with sin is it makes you pay more than you want to pay and stay longer than you want to stay.”

Seeing the vulnerable look shadow her face, Cory knew it was almost time to make his move. “Hey, look at me,” Cory said as he placed his hand on her leg. “I know you love him. I can tell. But you’re a beautiful girl and you can have any man you want.” Skylar dropped her head and fought back tears. She didn’t want any man, she wanted her man.

“Jason ain’t the only man who can treat you like you need to be treated.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Cory almost laughed out loud. “This shit works every time.” He thought.

“Come here,” he said softly. Skylar obliged. She slid closer to him.

“Let me show you,” Cory whispered as he kissed Skylar behind her ear. He cupped her right breast in his hand as she leaned closer for him to kiss her. Cory was gentle, yet she could tell that he had tons of pent up tension. She let her hand travel to his zipper and almost gasped at the hardness poking through his pants. He had to be working with at least seven inches. She thought to herself, “I’m about to ride him like Seabiscuit.”

Cory had pushed her back on the sofa and was now on top of Skylar. He heard her phone vibrating on the table. She heard it too and it slightly jarred their rhythm. Cory decided to step it up to get her head back in the game. He dove his head between Skylar’s thighs. The phone vibrated again, but Skylar’s moans drowned out the sound.

The third time the phone vibrated, Skylar jumped up and said, “that might be Jason!”

“Who gives a damn!” Cory was pissed.

Without even looking at the phone, she picked up and breathlessly said, “Hello?”

Apparently the voice on the other end was not one she wanted to hear. Cory watched her body tense up and her mouth drop open.

Skylar hoarsely answered, “Summer, how did you get my number?”