Chapter 11 (Summer)

         Summer decided to get a hotel room at the Double Tree downtown to sort through some thoughts without being distracted by Jason’s lies. No matter how hard she tried to swallow her anger and hurt, it felt as if her chest burned from holding it all in.  Jason set off a walking time bomb; ready to explode at any given moment.  After checking in, she dropped her overnight bag in the closet and went to relax on the plush burnt orange-colored recliner. As she sat there, taking in the elegant décor of the room helped her to settle down. The earth-tone hues in each room gave the suite warmth.

Summer sat in the quiet room, too afraid to turn on the television, knowing she would only see another person’s horror story. “Even though misery loved company, she had no room with me tonight,” Summer thought aloud.

Glancing over at her purse and realizing her phone was still powered off, Summer contemplated leaving it where it was because of the last catastrophe that took place dealing with unwanted voicemails. Nevertheless, she headed to the refrigerator to grab a bottled water, grabbed the phone from her purse, and plopped back onto the recliner. While drinking her water and waiting for her phone to power on, she thought about how Jason met that young girl. Did he charm her? Did she seduce him? Did he take her to lunch? Did she invite him to dinner?

The constant vibrating snapped Summer from her thoughts.” Seven Voicemail Messages,” her phone read. “Here goes nothing… again,” she said as she pressed one to retrieve the messages. The first one was from Monica. She was concerned and checking on Summer. Outside of her loud and boisterous demeanor, Monica had a sweet and caring spirit. The next three messages were all from the office. She had forgotten about the properties that she was scheduled to show in Harbor Town, Central Gardens, and South Bluffs.

Luckily, Alisha had been able to show them. She had to be sure to send her a thank you card. Message five was from Ava. “Hey mom it’s Ava. I’m thinking about checking out this new club tonight and I’m a little nervous because it’s a different type of atmosphere. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. Call me when you get a chance; All my love!” Message six was from Ayden. “It’s my favorite girl! Hey ma, I needed a little help on choosing a good gift for my lady. We haven’t spoken in a few days, with finals and issues with her family. I want the gift to say I support you and I love you. Shoot me a few ideas via email; all my love!”

Summer missed her kids so much, and she hated the way this bullshit Jason had dragged their family into pulled her away from their kids. She just didn’t want to face anyone or talk to anyone about anything. After saving both messages from the kids, she listened to the last message, and it was from Jason. Summer’s blood pressure skyrocketed at the sound of his trifling ass voice! Needless to say, he claimed he had cooked dinner and was living in the guesthouse to give her space. “Do I have ‘damn fool’ written across my forehead,” Summer screamed. “He probably poisoned the food so he and his mid-life crisis could collect my insurance money and live the golden life on some island. Jason could sit and rot in that damn guesthouse for all I care!” Summer listened to the voicemail a few more times to see if she could tell whether or not Jason was being sincere. The only thing Summer got from the message was a deep feeling of resentment.

Finishing off the bottle of water, Summer pulled out her laptop bag and decided on responding to Ayden.  If it’s one thing Summer knew, it was jewelry and lavish gifts. She’d have Ayden and his little girlfriend back on track in no time. Remembering how stressful exams week were during college, Summer thought diamond studs and a certificate to a massage parlor would do the trick. After emailing Ayden back, Summer decided to return Ava’s call.

The call went straight to voicemail. Summer instructed Ava to go to the club and have a good time. It would be good for her to get out and meet new people and take in new scenery. She was so glad to know that Ava was willing to step out and try new things. Ayden was the social butterfly while Ava tended to be the fly on the wall.

After ending the call, Summer was about to power off her cell phone when another text came through.

Hey Summer! I left a message at the office a couple of days ago. I’m looking for a new property in the Annesdale Snowden Historic District, and I definitely want you to be my realtor. Call me. Let’s do lunch! –M.S.

Summer sat there completely dumbfounded. She hadn’t heard from him in years with the exception of the occasional high and bye via social media! Summer quickly powered off her phone before her vengeful thoughts became her actions. She finally decided to take that hot bath she so desperately needed. It was time to wash away the worries and stressors from the day. Surely she could find some peace tonight, right?