Chapter 10 (Ava)

            Fuck  it. It’s now or never. Ava thought as she walked toward the building she had been circling for the last 45 minutes as she struggled to find the nerve to enter the club.  She was relying on her mom to talk her out of going in the first place, but when she didn’t answer, Ava threw caution to the wind.

Twerk  twerk twerk twerk twerk dat ass!” banged through the speakers as the half-naked girl exited the stage.

“Y’all show some love for Moet. Next up we got one of the baddest bitches out of Houston hitting the stage.”

         Damn! Sure hate I missed Moet. It must’ve been one hell of a show because the crowd definitely made it rain for her.  It was my first time inside a strip club, and I had on so many disguises that I barely recognized myself. I had no idea what to expect. But I didn’t want to run into anybody I knew.  Attempting to be low key, I took a seat at a table near the back of the club.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“No thanks. I’m good for now.”

“You sure? Cause you really look like you could use a lil sumin right about now.”

“What do you mean I look like I could use summin?”

“It’s just that…this is your first time in a strip club am I right?”

“Of course not. I hit the strip club all the time. This is my first time coming to this one, but not my first time in the club, come on now.”

“Yeah okay, whatever you say. You walk up in this bitch lookin like you in the witness protection program sitting way in the back, and I’m supposed to believe you hit the club on the regular?  Boo please.”

“I really don’t care what you believe. I said I’m cool right now. Tell me something, Cherry is it? Does your manager know how you speak to his customers?”

“Whoa!  Hold up sweetie. I didn’t mean to get all up in your business like that. I’m just trying to make sure you have a good time that’s all.

“Who says I’m not having a good time already?”

“Well for starters, you’re sitting in the back of the club, wearing shades, looking scared to death with this jacked up wig on.  It’s cool though, cause I’m bout to bring you summin to take care of all that, give me one second”

“I said I’m goo…”  Well, whatever then. If she wants to bring me a free drink then who am I to say no? I didn’t want to admit it but she was right. I was looking kind of stupid in that wig. I was 207 miles away from home. Plus if I did run into somebody I knew what could they say to me? After all, we would be sitting in the same place doing the same exact thing.

I don’t know what Cherry brought me but it was good as hell. I had already downed two glasses and was working on my third.  I had loosened up so much that I even agreed to a private lap dance. Now I have received lap dances from men in the past, and don’t get me wrong they were hot; but this shit here was off the fucking chain!  I Like by Jeremih filled the room as Flap JaXXXs made her way over to me after sliding down the pole seductively to 50 Cent’s Ayo Technology. Up close she was even more gorgeous than she appeared on stage. She had Caramel soft skin with big saucer shaped green eyes. She had a seductive smile that enticed her victims into her web of temptation. She dropped to her knees and crawled towards me. “Damn,” I thought. “There’s that feeling again.” I allowed my eyes to caress over her shoulders and down to her succulent breasts. I tried to bury that “feeling” like I had for so many years. I watched the way her hips swayed as she crept my way. The way her round ass swallowed that green thong made something in me stir. I succumbed to that feeling. I couldn’t stop. I wanted to kiss her breasts. “Shit,” I said barely above a whisper. Flap JaXXXs had rolled over to her back and had her face between my legs. What she didn’t know was that she could have me if she wanted. There. I said it. I. Like. Women.

That was the first time Ava had admitted to herself that she was gay. She couldn’t even consider herself bi-sexual because Kai didn’t please all of her totally. Admitting her sexuality was like having the weight of the world lifted off her shoulders. Now that the hard part had been done, it was time to indulge…

I took a twenty-dollar bill out of my pocket and rubbed it between her plump breasts. She sat up just enough to retrieve the money between her teeth. The song changed to Juvenile’s Back Dat Ass Up. She wore a look that said, “Aw hell yea!” This woman threw her hair and twisted her body around so I could see her slide her hand between her thighs. Why was she fucking with me? She stood up, and gyrated her hips to the beat. When the hook played, her ass bounced like it had a mind of it’s own! I was mesmerized. Impressed to say the least. She straddled my lap, grabbed my hands and made me hold her ass. “I know you want to,” Flap JaXXXs purred. Maybe she did know she could have me. Right on cue, as if reading my thoughts, she squeezed both of her breasts together and put her left nipple on my lip like a mother would to a newborn. So like a newborn I took it in my mouth. I tickled her nipple with my tongue and immediately knew I would have Flap JaXXXs in my bed that night. I hated to cheat on Kai, but this bitch was bad. She threw her head back and said, “I get off in about two hours, don’t leave.”

“Give me a reason not to,” I told her. The flirting had me wet as hell.

She leaned back a little, reached between her legs, fingered herself, then slid her finger into my mouth. “That’s why,” she said then sashayed off.

She smelled like water and tasted like honey. Not realizing we had a small crowd surrounding us, I smiled and started texting on my phone. I tipped a few more dancers and had Cherry to bring me a lot more drinks. I sat my horny broke ass there for two and a half hours. Right when I was preparing to leave, one of the other dancers slid a piece of paper on my table as she walked by. Stupefied, I opened it. Flap JaXXXs had written her number and address on the paper. Her note told me she left about thirty minutes ago and wanted to freshen up before I got there.

“Don’t keep me waiting.


was how she ended her note. I finished my last drink and walked out as smoothly as possible. The liquid courage Cherry kept bringing gave me the gall to drive the three blocks to JaXXXs’s house. I sat in her driveway with eight million questions booming through my head. What would I do to her? What would she do to me? Would this be a one-night stand? Did she already have a lover? Was this a set-up? The front door opened and there stood JaXXXs in a red silk robe, wide open. Not another question clouded my judgment. I didn’t know what I was walking into, but I damn sure was walking in!