Chapter 5 (Summer)

Summer was sitting on the chaise lounge gazing out the window with tears still running down her cheeks when she realized the sun was coming up. She hadn’t slept all night and felt like hell. She was depressed, confused, and hung-over.  Her face felt tight and puffy, and her head was pounding. No matter how hard she tried, she could not control her tears.

Although she powered her phone off last night, Summer was shocked she hadn’t heard from Jason. Come to think of it, that trifling bastard didn’t even have the decency to bring his punk ass home after everything that had happened! “If he didn’t care enough to at least come home and apologize, then why in the hell am I sitting here crying,” Summer said aloud. She stood up to head downstairs; it was time she got herself together.

Summer guessed she stood up too fast because as soon as she was upright she had to run to the bathroom to violently spew all the liquor she drank on a completely empty stomach last night.

After that painful ordeal was over, Summer went to retrieve the empty Merlot bottles from the floor and trash them. The house was silent and cold. Summer stopped at Jason’s office and wondered what she would find tucked away somewhere in there. Reluctantly, she continued on downstairs to the kitchen. She poured a tall class of orange juice and grabbed a banana off the counter and headed back upstairs to draw a hot bubble bath.

After turning on the steaming hot water and adding her favorite Bubble Bistro fragrance, she grabbed her cell phone from her purse and powered it on. She sat the phone down on the dresser to finish her banana and headed to the closet to find the perfect outfit for the perfect day.

Ordinarily, Summer never spent money from the joint account, if it wasn’t an emergency, but she was certain that today’s depression would be considered an emergency and a full day of pampering would be just what the doctor ordered.

Deciding on a coral and tangerine colored floor length summer dress and her favorite Five North sandals, Summer headed into her bedroom when she heard a consistent buzzing. She realized it was her cell phone. Thinking it may have been Jason calling, she picked it up only to see that she had seven new voicemails! “Well at least he thought enough of me to leave messages,” Summer said.

Feeling somewhat relieved, she sat at the vanity and listened to each voicemail on speaker so she could pin curl her hair.

The first message was from Tamara, Summer’s assistant, reminding Summer that she would be about an hour late for work because her son had an interview at MUS-one of the most prestigious all-male grade schools in Memphis.

The second message was someone holding the phone. So was the third, fourth, and fifth. She assumed it was Jason, and he just didn’t know what to say. The sixth message was a female voice. Summer was so stunned she had to replay it just to be sure she heard the voice correctly.

“I tried waiting for Jason to come home, but he hasn’t yet. So could you please tell my fiancée to come home? Please stop begging and pleading with him to stay there. We’re buying a house together in Germantown where we can raise our unborn child. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is definitely over between you two. So could you please let Jason come home? I would appreciate it if you did.”

Summer sat there literally with her mouth in the shape of a perfect letter O. She was amazed that this child had the audacity to call her! Within five seconds she envisioned the most effective and efficient way to kill both of them and not get caught. How did she even get Summer’s number? Had he really purchased her a house in Germantown? That was a very exclusive part of town!

Summer played the message over and over again, and each time she heard the young girl say, “…where we can raise our unborn child,” she felt sick to her stomach. Had she really been that bad of a wife? Had she really failed her marriage and family this way? Summer was shaking with seething anger.

Somehow she managed to save that message and move on to the next. The next and thankfully last voicemail message was apparently a recorded sex session between Jason and his “jail bate”! This was definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back. She needed to get out of this house and clear her head. With tears in her eyes, Summer jumped up, knocking the vanity stool over, and turned to leave when she saw Jason standing in the doorway, looking terrified, holding a Jared’s bag and a dozen red roses. This was certainly nothing that flowers and jewelry could fix. Did he really think that materialistic objects would make up for him fucking another woman??? The tears flowed freely once she laid eyes on the one man who had annihilated her world in one fell swoop. She finally understood what overcame those women on that television show about women who had snapped and killed their significant other. She was headed in Jason’s direction with tunnel vision and her fist balled. When she neared the bathroom door, which was directly between where she and Jason had been standing, it was then that Summer noticed that the tub water was overflowing. A lot like her anger.


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