Chapter 2 (two hours sooner)

“Let’s shower and go out for toys,” Skylar told Jason excitedly. “You go ahead and jump in; I’ll be there in a second. I just need to check my voicemail to see if the office phoned me.” Jason lied. Everything he had ever told this young girl was a lie, but Skylar made him feel young again. She was twenty-three years young, no kids, and attending the University of Memphis finishing up her Masters in Business. When he met her, she was having lunch at a chic little bistro downtown. He asked to join her and she obliged. Shockingly, Skylar had great conversation. She had such a bubbly personality and a body any man would not only take notice of, but also covet; that was part of her irresistible appeal.

You could tell she worked out and was confident. That day, she wore black, wide-legged, high-waist slacks with a sleeveless yellow top with ruffles at the neck. It showed enough and left enough to the imagination. I offered to pay for her lunch, but she stood up, laid a twenty on the table along with her card and said, “No, lunch is on me, but dinner and dessert are all you.” She winked at me and sashayed off. Jason envisioned her in three different positions stretched out in the back seat of his Armada before she stepped onto her trolley.

He never meant for this booty-call to turn long-term. It was supposed to be that one time, but something about Skylar intrigued him. No, that’s a lie. He was addicted. Too bad this sexual addiction had Jason thinking with his little head instead of his big head.

To avoid unnecessary drama, Jason made sure he was always up front with Skylar about his wife, Summer. He let her know that he was unhappy with they way things were at home mostly because Summer was so boring and rigid. She worked, came home and cleaned and cooked, called the kids, read a book, and went to bed. How had this become his life? Where was the woman who was once so vibrant and down-to-earth?

Skylar did all she could to make sure Jason was satisfied in every way before sending him back home. There were even times he told her that he would leave Summer for her, another lie. Realistically, it’s cheaper to keep her. He told her what she wanted to hear, and she gave him what he wanted to feel.

As Jason keyed in his cell phone’s pass code, Skylar walked across the room naked as the day she was born. Her breasts were perky, peaked, and perfect. The voluptuous ass that sat plumply at the bottom of her small waist made a fire stir inside of him. When she turned to ask if he was coming or not, the diamond that met at the center of her firm thighs seemed to perform as a magnetic force. He quickly hung up the phone just as Summer’s voicemail message was playing back that she was about to go somewhere. She could go to Timbuktu for all he cared. He was about to dive into an abyss of lust.

Once inside the shower, Jason was so turned on that he grabbed Skylar by her hair, bent her over and rammed his bare soldier inside her brigade. It was something about the way the lighting sparkled off her skin and water cascaded down her juicy fat round ass that made him desire her so intently. She was always so wet and warm. Those muscles she used in that young tight pussy gripped him and hurriedly Jason had to pull out to keep from spraying her womb with his kids. He pulled her to him kissing her passionately and she wrapped her right leg around his waist. He picked her up so she could ride him under the steamy running water of the shower.

“My God this child knew how to please me.” Jason thought to himself. Never mind the fact that she was a year younger than he and Summer’s son and actually took a class with him.

When her breath hitched, she broke out into convulsions, and screamed his name, Jason didn’t give a damn who she went to school with. He pulled her up and made her hold onto the towel rack while he eased her legs over my shoulders. The walnut shape of her pussy made his knees weak.

Jason devoured her. Summer never got this treatment. All she wanted was missionary. Hell the moment they were done she was always ready to change the fucking sheets!

Skylar came again and squirted all down his throat; He knew she would be ready to return the favor. “Let me down Jason,” she said in this sultry voice that always made him feel barbaric. He did as she asked and she immediately dropped to her knees. She licked her lips and he disappeared in Skylar’s mouth. Any woman that could do that was all right with me. First she blew him slow and lifted her chin ever so often to deep throat him; that shit made his ass hairs straighten! His mind wandered to how to get her to bring her friend Dominique into the fold. She had the type of ass you could slam dominoes on!

Skylar sped up and used her hand to keep a constant contact on Black Jack (her name for his boy.) When he felt that tingle at the tip of Black Jack, he contemplated on putting his kids down her throat or up her chutes and ladders. He was dumb, but he wasn’t stupid. Down the hatch they go.

Later when Skylar and Jason arrived at Roxanne’s, he had forgotten all about Summer’s voicemail message. Skylar was showing him all types of X-rated shit and telling him how excited she was they would get to role-play tonight. He liked her, but if anybody was getting gagged and spanked it was going to be her ass. Sometimes Skylar mistook Jason for one of these little youngsters she’s fooled around with.

As they walked through the store, he smelled the fragrance of the woman at the end of the aisle and she smelled just like sweet nectar. “Why couldn’t Summer wear a scent like that?” Jason thought. The fragrance was light and sweet and faintly familiar.

They finally made it to the register, and once again Skylar was bad mouthing Summer and talking about how she couldn’t wait for us to be living together. The more he thought about it, he liked her better when she was facedown. Just when he was about to tell Skylar to shut the hell up, he heard a familiar voice and turned to see whom it was.

“Well before you leave, you wouldn’t mind purchasing these few little items for me would you?”

His whole life flashed before his eyes and his tongue fell to the inside of his pinky toe. Hell, if he didn’t know any better, he was probably shaking. Standing right there behind Jason’s little secret lover and him was his wife; it was Summer! “How the fuck could I get out of this one?” Jason thought.

Skylar was hanging all on him and here Summer’s ass was smiling and asking him to buy her some kinky shit before he left her for another woman! Jason couldn’t say anything other than, “Summer!” He saw her lips moving but didn’t hear shit she was saying. Now Summer was reserved, but she made herself that way. She was straight out of North Memphis, Dexter and Hollywood to be exact. Then he heard her say, “Take your time. I’ll deal with you when you get home.”

It didn’t help that his sister was with her yelling and making a scene. He was sure mom and pops would know about this before morning. Monica couldn’t hold water in a bucket if you handed it to her.

Summer turned and walked out with Monica in tow. For about 3.5 seconds Jason forgot how afraid he was because of how damn sexy Summer looked. She was assertive and seemed to have that fire back that she had a while ago. Skylar snapped him out of his trance with all her bitching. “No that bitch didn’t try to fuck up our night out!” He grabbed her by the arm and practically dragged her out of the store. He didn’t have time to hear her be a badass now that Summer was out of earshot. He had to figure out where he was going to lay his head tonight.