Chapter 1

“Must be 18 or older to enter,” Summer read from the inside of her car. “That’s all,” she wondered? “Shouldn’t you have to be just a little bit older to go into one of these stores and see the sexually explicit items dangling from the racks and displayed on the shelves,” Summer asked Monica, but never taking her eyes off the store. “Well,” Monica started, “my kids won’t be going in there until they are good and thirty,” they laughed. Summer was parked outside of Roxanne’s, Memphis’ Adult Store. Monica, Summer’s sister-in-law, had suggested she take a trip to the store for some excitement.

Monica was on the hunt for something to entice her husband to cut his night on the town a little short. She was planning to help Summer pick some items out, then grab something for herself. D’Angelo, Monica’s husband loved it whenever Monica would take pictures of the items she chose, then text him to come to the store and purchase the items left at the register. That always made him hurry home.

Monica and her husband had the most exciting marriage Summer had ever seen. They even had a swing and stripper pole in their bedroom!

Summer’s marriage, however, had lost its spontaneity. She needed to spice things up between her husband and herself. Her reserved personality had never thought to visit a store so raunchy before, but desperate times, called for desperate measures. Summer entered the store and was blown away, literally. There were games, toys, lingerie, whips, videos, books, bags of “tricks”, mouth gags, and anything you could imagine. For a second, Summer thought about doing an about face and sprinting out of there, but there was this couple that seemed to be having the time of their lives. From behind, the man seemed strangely familiar, and the woman was definitely way too young to be with a man his age. Their enthusiasm encouraged her to stay and find something her husband would enjoy.

The woman was telling the man how much she would thank him when they got home. “How sweet,” Summer thought. “I can’t wait for my husband to adore me the way that this man obviously adored this woman,” she said to herself.

She stopped coveting the couple’s relationship long enough to shop around the store and realize very quickly that a Ben Wa Ball was definitely something she was not interested in. There were so many things to choose from, and she was concerned about providing a fantasy without going overboard. This was all so foreign to her. Summer finally settled on two costumes, a couple of games, a whip, and a video, and headed to the register to purchase her items.

For the first time, she actually noticed the man she saw earlier from a few aisles over. The earth beneath her started to spin and her head screamed, “I can’t breathe. I am going to faint!” The air left her lungs. Summer instantly became sick and weak. Now she knew why this man seemed so familiar. He was actually Jason. Her husband! Her initial instinct was primal. Everyone inside the store was about to have a well-whipped ass. When Monica tore her attention away from the cover of a video, her eyes followed Summer’s gaze and you could see flames take the place of her pupils. Summer snatched Monica towards the back, and instructed her not to say a word. As she paced in the rear of the store, with her mind going 100 mph, her husband and his mistress moved towards the register. It was almost as if you could see the light bulb go off above Summer’s head as she headed to the register behind them.

Summer overheard the woman say, “I can’t wait until you leave that old boring ass pluck, and be with me.”

“Oh, So this young heifer knows he’s married?!” Summer nearly said aloud.

Just then Summer stepped to the register and said, “Well before you leave, you wouldn’t mind purchasing these few little items for me would you?”

“Summer!” Jason practically screamed.

“Jason, you are aware that the sign on the door reads that you must be 18 to enter right? You may want to take this man’s daughter home.” She smiled in the young ladies direction, and then looked back at Jason. “Take your time. I’ll deal with you when you get home.” At that, Summer patted Jason’s chest and gave him a sly smile that oozed venom.

“But don’t take too much time! Cause I will call and report your ass for rape of a minor,” Summer’s boisterous sister-in-law Monica yelled over Summer’s shoulder. “And you already know I’m telling mama,” Monica yelled as she pulled out her cell phone. “Hell that girl probably still gets her ass beat with a switch!

Summer laid her items on the counter, winked at the couple and walked out of the store. She held her head high, shoulders back, and dignity in tack. She even added an extra sway in her step. “He had better walk in that house with armor,” Summer said to Monica between clenched teeth.

“Girl, I know that’s right,” Monica added. “It’s about to be world war three up in that piece.”