Brown Sugar’s Weight Loss

This is such a hot topic right now. There are so many people who are jumping on the fitness bandwagon! Health, nutrition, and exercise are so popular these days, it’s almost addicting! Or, maybe it’s just me… I have the apps on my phone, and I have an amazing trainer, and a decent food regime and oddly, I’m not seeing any results on the scale!!!! (insert hair pulling here) I have clothes that are fitting more loosely, and the scale had the audacity to tell ME that I had gained 3 pounds. WTHeck!!!!!

Here are my stats:

  • I’m 5’4
  • I currently weigh 157 pounds
  • My goal weight is 135 pounds
  • I’m secretly interested in bodybuilding
I need help!!!! I believe the problem deals with my eating habits. Nah, I know that’s the problem. What to do???



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. V
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 03:57:36

    “Brown Sugar” I know you posted this months ago but I would like to know if you want more info on the 24 Day Challenge? It is a great program that helps jump start weight loss. The average weight loss in the 24 Days is 12lbs however it is designed to meet you where you are currently. There have been people who have lost 20lbs or people like myself who lost only 8. Let me know if you want to start a team for the 24 Day Challenge and we can come up with a prize for the winner. There are phases to the challenge and if you follow the plan it really works. Let me know if you have people who express interest in weight loss.


    • brownsugar5
      Sep 30, 2012 @ 14:46:18


      I absolutely am interested! I know a few people who would be also. Am I able to workout with the program?


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