Child’s Play


While talking with a colleague one afternoon about a serious teenage matter, I was reminded of how infatuated I was with my high school sweetheart around that age. I remembered how important the role each adult played in my life when I felt abandoned after a break up. This colleague told me about a student, who happens to be an orphan, hasn’t been to school in over a week. Ironically his girlfriend’s parents came up to the school looking for him because the girlfriend had gone missing. Yes, you read that correctly. This 19 year old girl had been reported missing for a week. Now the next part of this story will prove the theory about how teenagers haven’t developed all of their frontal cortex (I think that’s right) and this is how they make so many bad decisions.
The young couple had changed their relationship status on a popular social website just before they both went missing. The girl has not updated her status nor spoken to anyone. The young man, who is an orphan, updated once. No one still has not seen nor heard from this young man. Un fortunately, he is suspected of killing her. If you are reading this, please take a moment to remember a couple of the bad decisions you made as a teenager. Then pray for the families of these two kids, and the well being of this young lady.


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