Foods I Dislike

Adding to my “100 Things About Me List” though it is not in any particular order, the foods that I dislike are as follows:

1. Chitterlings (Just imagining where they come from and how they smell, I don’t find them edible AT ALL!)

2. Liver (When I was little, I hid my liver in my hand and placed my plate on top of it so I could sneak to throw it in the trash.)

3. Black eyed peas (are people attractive with black eyes? Well neither are peas.)

4. Licorice (just tastes like old tires.)

5.Chicken on the bone (Yes, I am black! When I was younger, my brother told me that if I ate the black vein in the chicken then I would grow chicken parts! I’ve gone so long not eating it, that I think I developed a taste aversion!


It’s good to be back guys! I have plenty to share!!!