Brown Sugar’s Needs….

I’m adding this to my 100 things about me! Way to get one in!!! After reading mine, go ahead and do yours! It’s amusing!!!

Go to Google and write your name and the word ‘needs’, in quotes — as in “Brown Sugar needs.” Find the first 10 “logical” sentences that come up and make your comments after. Here’s what I got:

11. Brown Sugar needs to keep her clothes on. (LOL, it’s my way of unwinding after a stressful day! Kinda like shedding old skin if you shall!)

12. Brown Sugar needs a new nose- thanks to cocaine. (I don’t know what the hell that’s about!)

13. Brown Sugar needs to have its mouth washed out. (You know, I did tell my students today that I would stop cursing… Then one of those little bastards popped a water balloon in my room. You can guess how that ended.)

14. Brown Sugar needs us. (To leave her the hell alone.)

15. Brown Sugar needs a nickname. (What do they think “Brown SUgar” is???)

16. Brown Sugar needs a hug. (OK, I can agree with this one.)

17. Brown Sugar needs a home. Please help her find one. (This recession is beginning to get the best of me. What’s all the hubbub about the stimulus package again?)

18. Brown Sugar needs fashion help as usual. (Come on people! I just spent a small fortune in New York & Company!)

19. Brown Sugar needs your presence. (Guess I need to do this lent thing huh? Talk about showing me a sign!)

20. Brown Sugar needs an eye exam. (Ummm… how often are you supposed to get them? I just did this early 2008.)


Business of fears and challenges

I encountered a situation recently and I’m not exactly sure how to blog about it. It happened on Jan 31st . Can you tell how long it has taken me to blog about it? What I can say is that I have gone through what seems like a torrent of emotions only to have reached this conclusion: I have failed. Whenever I was asked my greatest fear, I would always say, “I’m fearful of failing”. As a Feisty Leo I have way too much pride -as an adult I’m able to admit that 😉

Well good people, I have failed. It wasn’t a small simple fail either, I’m talking possibly one of those life altering failures.  Have you ever heard of P. Diddy’s all girl group Danity Kane? Their song Damaged is my theme song right now! Can’t really say if the words are what makes it my theme song or if I truly love the beat!

The song ends with Diddy talking, and he states sometimes you have to go through the pain to experience the joy; this too shall pass. The optimistic side of me knows 2 Timothy 1:7 (For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.) and I do believe that, so actually I shouldn’t even have a “fear”.

Excuse my rambling-if I express myself, maybe I’ll get an answer.

Blogosphere, I may have messed up or I may not have messed up at all, what I do know is I am totally confused. I’m sure you all can tell just from reading this.