Extended Family Business

familyMy husband’s aunt sends me emails throughout the day that usually keeps me laughing! You know how you can see everyone who received and forwarded information in an email? Well for some strange reason, I paid attention to those names the other day and saw a name that caught my eye. It was the same name as my father’s sister… that I haven’t seen in a little over sixteen years.

I emailed my husband’s aunt and asked her is she knew the name I found familiar. She did. She called and mentioned my father’s name to her then called me back. She confirmed that it was indeed my aunt. Wow. I didn’t know what to ask, say, or how to bring this conversation up. I found her number in the phone book a few years ago and when I mentioned my father’s name she said it wasn’t her. Needless to say I wasn’t all the way excited about speaking with her per se, but excited about finding the other side of my family.

I held my breath and then I closed my cell phone and told my daughter I was nervous. She in turn told me, “Mommy don’t you tell me you nervous. Just be a big girl! Jesus will keep you happy!” Then she playfully punched me in my arm. There was no one I could NOT call after she had given me such a grown up speech.

I dialed. She answered. I was excited. She was curt. I decided to still try. I told her that I would love to sit with her and allow her to meet my family. She gave the excuse that she’s been so busy working two jobs and would have to gt back to me on that. I never wasted my time trying to exchange numbers. I just hung up.


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