Kid Business

teacher-yellingI had a friend to send me a text the other morning that read, ” If you were to see a police car riding down the street with me in the back seat, what would you think I had done?” Needless to say it was a funny activity, so I went ahead and used it in the classroom. I was teaching point of view, and was able to tie it all in together. So the majority of my kids said that I went to jail for slapping, hurting, killing a student. My urban personality can be a bit overwhelming for my suburban students!

So one of my students told me that he believed that I had killed someone before. Seriously! His reasoning behind it was so innocent but hilarious! He said, Mrs. H.D. I know you had to kill somebody before. That’s why you don’t let students go in your cabinet.”

How many of you know that I was rolling on the floor with uncontrollable laughter?


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