Body Business

workoutSo, I’ve decided to enhance my already near perfect self by improving my eating habits and working out (the new years resolutions). I’ve become a member of Dr. Ian’s 50 million pound challenge. He sent me a list of foods to purchase weekly as well as what I should eat daily in order to reach my goal. Well people let me just put it out there as blunt as possible: I’m so hungry. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a #1 with cheese and no tomatoes from Burger King or a Southern Chicken Sandwich from McDonalds, or maybe even those delectable chipotle strips from Chili’s, or one of those yummy, and creamy strawberry sundaes from Cold Stone Creamery. Yeah, I’m a fat girl trapped in a skinny girl’s body. I love food, so this diet-eating healthy thing is pure torture! I mean let’s be honest- salads are absolutely disgusting!!! In order to have some small portion of sustenance you have to practically drown the thing in dressing and then it’s no longer healthy! All in all it’s a waste of time. Where is Darius T. Williams when I need a healthy yet yummy recipe???

Then the latter half of the resolution has me stumped! I mean, my down fall is that Just Lisa created some type of monster nearly 10 years ago, so I normally accept challenges head on (sense the problem yet? Hear the orchestrated music building suspense?) So, one of my friends, Brandee, who is a great dance coach has gotten into “Brick-House” shape and I can’t be beat! I mean I was in much better shape ~nearly 10 years ago, but still! So she’s bullied -umm suggested that her friends -along with her- “GET FINE IN ’09”. Well let me just tell you I think I look great to have had two kids, so this kickboxing class wouldn’t be too much, right?

Let me just tell you that it hurts like hell just to type right now, legs feel like silly putty, and I’ve had this same painful cramp in my side since noon. The psycho leading the class nearly killed me! I threw up my mini breakfast. I tried to eat light to prevent such actions. I went to lay on the bench in the locker room, then when I stood up everything went black for about 3 seconds! Just Lisa is going to talk so bad about me, but my fellow bloggers, I’m sure “the light” we so often hear about from the movie Poltergeist had to be only a couple of feet away.

There this old white lady (who had obviously had Botex -and it was time for another injection) gave up and lay on her yoga mat. At least I went in the locker room! He was so psycho with the kickboxing guys! And you know what the retarded part is? I’m going back! I know… Think I’ll devote 3 days a week to this madness… Pray for me, I must be in the first stages of dementia.


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  1. missnatalie79
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 17:18:37

    good luck in your endeavors honey!!! you can do it!!!


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