Mother & Daughter Business


We did it! Through all the hardships, blood, sweat, and tears, we have achieved excellence!!!! My daughter was accepted into an optional preschool!

I have to admit that I am indeed proud! I was so nervous about how she would perform. Those of you with children know how they will make a lie out of momma/daddy in a hot second. She passed her entrance exam with a score of 98%! The only thing she missed was not being able to recognize her last name. Just Lisa suggested an independent school here that offers full scholarships for minorities! I’m waiting on them to send us information about their program. Once Kelcie finishes this program, then we will definitely look into the latter.

My main concern, at this time, is to be sure that she’s learning on a level that’s meeting her needs as well as challenging her. I also want her to be in a structured environment that a daycare may not be able to provide for her. When I say structured what all does that include? At this school, she will begin a spelling series, science, addition, subtraction, and some multiplication to name a few.

Now what does this mean for mom you ask? I have to wake up earlier. Don’t really care about helping her with work and such, just the fact that my rest will be cut shorter than it already is! Ever heard that Johnson & Johnson commercial that says: “Having a baby changes everything.” That’s putting it lightly!

Well, little old Kelcie is very outspoken-gets it honest- and embarrassed me some kind of good during her interview. So the lady is asking questions that were on the entrance exam and Kelcie is answering them with ease! My chest was all puffed out! Then all of a sudden Kelcie gets really close to the lady and says, “Hey, your teeth is missing!” I was HORRIFIED!


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