100 Things about me… (1-10)

I’ve seen a few other bloggers post a topic similar to this one, and now that I have a snow day, what better day than to start than today!

My 10 favorite quotes-in no particular order…

10.) Don’t ever take the fence down until you know why it was put up. -Robert Frost

9.) If you’re walking down the right path, and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress. -President Barack Obama

8.) We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

7.) The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary. -May Smith

6.) People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those of us who are doing it. -George Bernard Shaw

5.) The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work. -Emile Zola

4.) Have no friends not equal to yourself. -Confucius

3.) You can’t change the past, but you can ruin your present by worrying about the future. -???

2.) Be healed, Be delivered, and Be set free!. The late Bishop G. E. Patterson

1.) If we can do what we can, God will do what we can’t. -Somebody’s pastor


Astrology Business

I was reading through Paula Soul’s blog and she had the cutest post about her dog’s astrology! So I decided to look up my kids! It’s scary close to their personalities too!

I visited this website!

My oldest, Kelcie, just turned four and is a scorpio:

The Scorpio child is penetrating and intense, something which might lead other kids to misunderstand them. These youngsters aren’t necessarily trying to be nosy, they just have an intense desire to know what’s what. They might be a little less than subtle in their approach with their schoolmates, but at least they’re candid! Motivated as they are to get to the bottom of things, once the Scorpio child gets something in their mind, well, that’s it. Trying to sway these pups is like moving the rock of Gibraltar! Resourceful as well, the Scorpio child will do well on a fact-finding mission, whether it’s looking for a good matinee or seizing the best deal on a new bike. This child’s mind is also geared toward scientific and investigative pursuits, so encourage their love affair with their chemistry set. That said, be sure this combustible tyke is experimenting out of doors! As they can be quite mysterious as well, it will be hard to tell exactly what the Scorpio child is feeling, something which may make it hard for this sprite to attract friends. This child can also be a bit jealous of others, making for some ruffled feathers at the playground. Even so, those kids who do bring the Scorpio child into their circle will grow to appreciate their passionate and all-knowing friend.

My youngest, Rowan, is only five months and is a virgo:

For better or for worse, the Virgo baby is plenty fussy! How else do you expect these kids to grow up to be perfectionists? Get used to it: The Virgo baby can be quite particular and needs to have a routine. At least having a routine isn’t all bad, but don’t even think of changing it! This baby will not respond well to lots of change. The Virgo baby can also be picky about food, so keep it simple at mealtimes. Aside from these peculiarities, this tot doesn’t require a lot. A clean bedroom and simple clothing are sure to keep this baby dry-eyed. The Virgo baby is quite good at amusing itself for hours with the most basic of games, feeling very little need for the attention of others. The Virgo child also wants to talk early on, probably earlier than most of the other babies around. There’s a lot going on in that mind wanting to come out! From an early age, this baby can also be seen as mother’s little helper, as the need to serve others is a strong Virgo trait. They also won’t make a fuss over their accomplishments, since by nature these kids are a bit shy. To sum up, the Virgo baby is fine on their own but also happy to help others, loves cleanliness, and can easily keep themselves amused. All this adds up to a pretty good (albeit picky!) kid.

I’m a LEO, here’s what the stars say about Kelcie and me:

When a Scorpio child is born to a Leo parent, they often create a vigorous and powerful team. Parent and child understand each other’s needs well; Scorpio needs to be respected and desired while Leo wants to be adored and complimented. This family team is strongly loyal, often possessive of each other’s time. Both relatives are pillars of strength for the other, and both are able to provide what the other needs. They enjoy each other’s strong suits. Laughing together and enjoying time spent with the family, they will have few disagreements. However, sometimes Leo’s acerbic personality can bruise Scorpio’s sensitive feelings. Most often, occasions like these stem from a misunderstanding rather than malice. Both Signs respond favorably to one another’s strengths. Scorpio wants to feel cherished and supported by their parent. Leo wants to be adored and admired by their child. The best aspect of the Leo-Scorpio family relationship is their mutual dedication to each other and the projects they partake in. Both Signs have very powerful, yet strategically different, personalities. They are seen as a strong family by others, and their mutual commitment to fulfilling their goals makes theirs a powerful relationship.

What the stars say about Rowan and me:

When a Virgo child is born to a Leo parent, a surface glance would make one think that they have no common interests and nothing to learn from each other. Leo is outgoing, dominant, charismatic, and often a little short-tempered. Virgo is studious and quiet, possessed of a more reserved nature than Leo. Although these two family members seem completely different, they form a wonderful bond once each person learns to accept the other’s unfamiliar style. Virgo appreciates their parent’s creative flair, and Leo is amazed at how much their child can accomplish in a day. Planning events comes easily to this family team. The Leo parent whisks their child off into many new experiences, and Virgo’s world opens up under their influence. Leo may feel at their child takes things a little too seriously. On the other hand, Virgo may accuse their parent of being egocentric and overbearing. Once they get beyond their differences, they can learn from one another. Leo teaches Virgo about fun and excitement, about the spontaneity that is often missing in Virgo’s life. Virgo teaches Leo to have patience. The best aspect of the Leo-Virgo family relationship is their effectiveness as a family unit. Virgo child provides the support beam that the family relies on, and Leo sees to the fun. Virgo works hard behind the scenes and follows up on details that Leo has lost interest in. Their personalities, opposite in so many ways, make them a highly complementary family.

Life Business

First let me start by wishing my little rolly-polly a happy five months old today!!!


Now to the issue at hand…Webster (okay, it’s not webster, it’s whatever dictionary program I have on my laptop, the mac dictionary person) defines insecure as not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.

This one word is the sole purpose of this post. As a child, my mom called me a pack-rat. I never knew why she would say that until I got to college. I keep so many things for the memories. I realized that this trait developed shortly after my father died; I had problems letting go of “things.” I was afraid that if I lost that item, I would lose that memory. Around the time I lost my father, I also lost several family members. I felt that people were too fickle, so I kept “things” in shoe boxes and drawers. I can define things as letters, cards, emails, I have a ton (literally) of photos from high school, college, and it looks like I took a photo EVERYDAY of my first daughter. I truly enjoy sitting down and going through these things reading, laughing, and remembering where I was at that part of my life! I am very aware that I am no longer the person I once was, but I am still that person. I’m speaking figuratively, someone reading knows what I mean.

Now at my young tender age šŸ™‚ I am a mother and wife. I live a different lifestyle now than those high school and college photos. Is it wrong of me to still keep those photos although I am married? Did I mention that in high school I dated my husband? Yep, he’s been around quite sometime. Now many of us are blessed with the ability to recollect our pasts, and although we are able, we don’t remember everything.

Being married requires so much transitioning and learning. Sometimes you even give up parts of who you are to make things work. It may be selfish, but there are some things I feel I shouldn’t give up. If they are memories, then let them be, right? I love devoting myself to my 107+ (educators know that even some that you don’t teach somehow become yours) children at work, my two beautiful children at home, and my husband. It gets a little demanding at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. All I ask is that I have something to myself, and having something to myself does not necessitate insecurities in my household.

I was told that when you get married, you give up the I’s for we. Does that mean that I give up all of who I am?

I was told to wait until I was 30 to get married. My coach told me that once, now my cousin, who is almost 30, has jumped onto the bandwagon head first! She believes wholeheartedly that she should have listened to our coach and waited until she was 30.

I am aware that I was very vague explaining this situation, but I hope that I have written enough to get some feedback from my fellow bloggers! Nice or harsh, I’d love to hear it!

Political kid business

cat-pic1So, I’m cooking dinner for the family and dancing in the kitchen to entertain the infant in his rocker while my four-year-old daughter, two year-old and six-year-old cousins sat at the table discussing -believe it or not-politics and the inauguration! The oldest of the three asked do you know the name of the first Black president? The younger two yelled, “Bawack Obumba!” Then my daughter proceeds to inform us that there is a girl Barack Obama and she held Jesus’ book for Barack Obama (Michell Obama held Lincoln’s bible while Obama took the oath-ha!)

I was so tickled… yet proud!

Inauguration Business


Michelle was so proud of her man, she was about to BURST! Doesn’t it look like she’s saying, “That’s right baby! Say that oath! That’s MY man!”?

Guys, I am beyond overwhelmed today. My cup runneth over. My heart is so overjoyed about the events on today. I was reading DMGreen’s blog and almost pumped my fist in the air! We as a nation have truly come a long way. I know that there are so many in our past that would absolutely rejoice over seeing the first black president inaugurated. After reading PaulaSoul’s blog, it made me realize just how much I would have loved to experience this moment with my father, Aunt Deneece, and Uncle Leonard. They would have truly appreciated it. I miss them all so dearly.

I watched the inauguration with my students and there was so little appreciation and more disrespect than I would have liked to experience. They talked and joked while the invocation was being given and while I had my chest puffed out, they almost deflated it! This is our future though. I expected so much more. Iā€™m disappointed. I had to go and get a coke. Dr. Ian would be so disappointed.

I want my kids to remember where they were, how they felt, and what they remember when they describe this moment to their children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Similar to the wave of emotions I felt on 9/11. So many expectations, so little time.

I did have a couple of students to appreciate the history. One student asked, “Why is this the 56th inauguration, but only the 44th president?” Another asked (after we had that question answered)”If a president is serving more than one term, why does he have to be sworn in again?”

I felt as if a few of them were actually learning. If I could have had my way, I would have driven to DC myself to experience it firsthand. Have to remind myself that they are only in 7th grade…

Sports Business




Can you tell that I’m a Pittsburg Steelers fan?

There was plenty of controversy in the house on last night; my husband is a B-more Ravens fan. He still admires Ray Lewis (shaking my head). Although Jerome “The Bus” Bettis has retired, I admire him all the same. Not just because he’s HOTT, but he was ranked 5th overall in rushing and one of THE best running backs in the NFL!!!


Now I have faith in my boys, we mopped the field with the Seattle Seahawks at the SuperBowl in 2006! Guess it’s time we do it again! Arizona here we come!!!!

Now just to share my thoughts about the greatest safety in the league! Ran for a 40-yard interception return WITH an injured calf! Now let me be real, he’s an amazing player, but sweet Lord this thang looks good to me!!!! In the words of Teacakes HAPPY MONDAY!!!!





Friend (or not) Business -long post

Can you all tell that I am in a serious blogging mood?

Well, I’ve been trying to blog about this topic for quite some time now. I have this ex-bff, let’s call her *Sally, that I’ve known just about my entire life (since 2nd grade). We lost touch after my father passed, only to find out that we lived on the same hall our freshman year of college. We were the best of friends-inseparable. We pledged our sorority together and were extremely supportive of each others decisions-good or bad. She was in the room when I gave birth to my daughter, we graduated from college together, and I was there when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Now granted the father of her child can be a bit of a chauvinist, but he has a good heart. I’ve known him since elementary school, we fought in sixth grade, and he is my husbands bff! (The term tickles me when it is used towards males).

Well fast-forward about seven years.
When she found out that she was preggers, I supported her, in any way she needed it. I told her then that I hated that she was pregnant by him, but I would support whatever decision she chose to make. She had a fairly difficult pregnancy-emotionally because of the father of her daughter and her over-bearing mother. There wasn’t a favor to great that I wouldn’t do for her, but she lashed out at me because I had made a joke about the name she had chosen for her child. It was Stone. I said that I would call lil poo-poo rock. Needless to say, she was pissed. Now when we had Christmas dinner with our sands, there were jokes made, worse than what I had said-she said nothing. We had New Year’s lunch with some friends from college. Again, jokes were made-she said nothing. Now why is it that she turned on me and lashed out over the exact same thing? Too minor to be concerned.

So we haven’t spoken in over a year. When her daughter was born, of course I knew, because like I told you, the father is my husband’s bff. My husband went to the hospital to see the baby and congratulate his friend and meet his new niece. I didn’t go. Didn’t let my daughter go either. I said it was because it was past her bedtime, but deep down I know that it was more than that. Just didn’t want any part of the foolishness. Did I fail to mention that before she had her daughter-who is absolutely adorable- I bought a very nice swing from her registry and NEVER received a simple “Thank you”? Too minor to be concerned. So no I did not want to be around her. Saw the kid when the father had her.

I did contact her when our mutual bff, let’s call her *Cynthia’s, (once it was three of us-the three muskateers) mother passed. It was a difficult time for Cynthia and I knew that she wanted both of us there. Can you believe that *Sally was so selfish to have asked Cynthia if she was avoiding her when Cynthia didn’t answer her phone calls?! Never mind that the girls mom had died. wow. Now we spoke long enough to drive out of town to be with Cynthia and go back a week later for her mom’s funeral. After that, she stopped talking to the both of us. Learned she changed her number (like someone was harassing her) and doesn’t even speak to Cynthia anymore. That truly hurt her. She never did anything to Sally. I was bothered for a while, but everyone is not meant to be your friend.

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