Past Business

Well you guys… I made it! An entire nine weeks without hanging myself from the light fixtures in my classroom, is indeed an accomplishment. I came incredibly close when I had a child to tell me that you find a syllable by finding the verb. (all I wanted to do was get them to write a Haiku so that I could decorate the 7th grade bulletin board-guess I was asking for too much) Yep, was trying to find someone to kick the chair from under me that day without feeling bad about it later. A colleague of mine told me that studies show that most people do not fully understand grammar until they are older, hence the Advanced Grammar & History of the English Language classes we had to take in college.

I had a fairly hard time adjusting back to work after having the baby. I’m not sure why though. I was in college when I had my first child and went back to class in January, she was born in November. It was hard because I preferred to be with her, the same with my son, but sweet Moses! It was difficult. Border-line PPD difficult. I was too embarrassed to mention that part to my doctor though. I mean, I’m a busy mom, wife, and educator with too many thoughts right? Being sleep deprived, over-worked, and malnourished was all a part of the job right! LOL, deep down I may have felt that way on some level!

Well my daughter had her Christmas program at daycare the other night. It was cute. The kids displayed everything they had learned so far this year! Needless to say my daughter is definitely a showoff. (I got in a couple “That’s my baby’s & “Go head Peanut’s”) The teacher had to ask her to be quiet so other kids could answer too (wow). Then the teacher proceeded to inform me along with two other parents that we were holding our children back by not placing them in a school where they could continue to learn adequately. I think she was kicking the four-year-olds out nicely. Sooooooo I’m back on this intriguing child care search!
Looking for a good head start program. I have a dream school in mind, but I’m so afraid of her being accepted and us not being able to afford it. I’m going to go ahead and turn in the application and see what type of financial aid they have though. (Anyone see a problem with the preschool having tuition and financial aid? Aren’t those terms often associated with colleges?) I’ve also found an optional preschool program that’s very affordable. This lady has local private schools to come look at her kids. I’ll keep you all updated! Teacakes and I are both working on this one.

My daughter had her fourth birthday party at the fire station! It was fun! They were able to play on the fire truck apparatus, ambulance, and the chiefs car. They watched movies on fire safety and then we went to Cold Stones, the local ice creme parlor. I fed all of the kids ice creme with fudge and sprinkles and cake and sent them back home! My kind of party.
My husband has been pretty cool lately. Can’t say that he’s gotten on my nerves or in my way. (Sounds like I’m talking about one of the kids huh?) Oh wait….. Motherhood calls. Give me a min. I’m back. Can barely believe he’s already four months myself and starting solids!

There was one situation recently when he (the husband) came home and everyone was asleep, he decided to wake up the baby so that he could “play” with him. He quickly realized that the baby was cranky and he couldn’t get him back too sleep. I’ll leave out the choice words I had… Let’s just add him to Teacakes Dingbat Wall of Fame. He’s been fairly supportive lately and I’m grateful for that.

I’m supposed to go and get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. Don’t know how I feel about all of that right now. The only thing I can say is, I’m in pain if I go and in pain if I don’t. Kids haven’t knocked over the Christmas tree, so that’s a plus. I’m really concerned about my BFF. Her mom just passed away on my anniversary (2 months ago) and the holidays have been really hard for the entire family. Her (the BFF) parents counseled and married my hubby and me. I am so excited that I made it to the Winter Break!!!!!!

Sounds like all of the updates I have as of now.


Everyone’s business…

I know it’s been awhile, but let’s just say… oh what the hell, I’ve been busy! Work and family life have me sleep deprived and overworked…. Sorry, that’s another post…

Although it’s sad, I’m sure you will find the humor in it!


This is why educators, although underpaid, will ALWAYS have a job!!! Someone told me that this person should be “beet”! hahahahahahahaha!!!