Kid Business

I am teaching the novel Nothing but the Truth by Avi this nine weeks. I decided what better time to discuss patriotism and politics! So I found an anticipation guide that had true/false questions, the kids filled it out, then we discussed out answers. Whatever the majority choose, I played devil’s advocate and went with the opposite answer. One of the statements was, It is impossible for a student to get a long-time teacher fired. Some kind of way my fifth period class began to discuss scenarios that may get a teacher fired! So one bright genius says, “Well first you gotta steal a packet of ketchup from the cafeteria. When you get into trouble have to be sure the principal sees the teacher pull you out to talk to you. When the teacher is done fussing, ask to go to the rest room. Rub water on your eyes so it looks like you’ve been crying. Then take the packet of ketchup and dab a bit right under your nose.” How many educators know that I didn’t hear the rest of his plot because I was crying from the laughter?!?!?!?!?!?!


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